Ada Stefanie Namani * Devinderjit
Positive Vibration

Gong Training Sweden

2020 there will be a training in White Sound Gong Meditation as taught by Nanak Dev Singh in Sweden, in English language. Lead trainer is Ada Devinderjit. Participants of the training will be accompanied by experienced Gong Player and student of Nanaks, Andreas Georgsson, of Umeo, who will also be teaching gong basics. Dates and venues:


September 4 through 6 2020, Stockholm

Novembre 5 through 8 2020, northern Germany, including visit of Gong Manufacture PAISTE

January 15 through 17, 2021, Stockholm

March 26 through 28, 2021 and

May 7 through 9 2021, Stockholm


For further information and application please contact Andreas: